The Quiet Triumph

The Quiet Triumph

The documentary The Quiet Triumph – How 仲裁 changed the world, a film portraying the role of arbitration in world affairs. The film premiered during the celebration of the SCC Centennial. Nearly 700 guests from around the world gathered at 斯德哥尔摩’s Rigoletto theatre to see the film.

The success of international arbitration is generally only understood by the actors working within it and now is the time to make an unknown story known. For many centuries, international arbitration has played an important role in enabling peaceful and constructive relationships among states. By enabling common rules and peaceful dispute resolution, arbitration has been an important building block in the growth of international trade and economic development. As expressed by Alexander Komarov in the film:

“The world is a small village. And that’s why we have to be helpful to each other. The idea is that everybody on the globe could have equal opportunities; and not only opportunities, but real benefits from international trade.”

The documentary film The Quite Triumph tells the story of international arbitration, with events in 瑞典 in the foreground. It features interviews with central players who experienced the ground-breaking developments first hand, and whose skills and integrity contributed to making the world a better place.

“教授essor 唐Houzhi, Judge Howard Holtzmann and 教授essor 谢尔盖·列别捷夫; they were giants, they were very important for the development of international arbitration. And they were also very important for the development of 瑞典 as a forum for international arbitration”, Ulf Franke comments in one of the interviews featured in the film.

In 2003, Carl XVI Gustaf, the King of 瑞典 presented the Royal Order of the Polar star to 教授essor 唐Houzhi, 教授essor Sergei N Lebedev, and Judge Howard M Holtzmann, in appreciation of his outstanding achievements in international arbitration. These events are portrayed in the film.

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With contributions by:


杰西卡·范 合作伙伴, Herbert Smith Freehills, former legal counsel, CIETAC

教授. 唐Houzhi, former Vice Chairman, CIETAC

余建龙, Vice Chairman, CIETAC; former Secretary General, CIETAC

戴, 联系 Mannheimer Swartling; former legal counsel, CIETAC



教授. Alexander Komarov, former 总统, ICAC at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the 俄罗斯 Federation; former Vice 总统, ICCA

教授. 谢尔盖·列别捷夫 (1934 - 2016), former 总统, MAC at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the 俄罗斯 Federation; former Vice 总统, ICCA 



杰拉尔德Aksen, independent arbitrator, former General Counsel, American 仲裁 Association

罗伯特·库尔森, former 总统, American 仲裁 Association

Richard Naimark, Senior Vice 总统, American 仲裁 Association

大卫·W. Rivkin, 总统, International Bar Association; Vice Chairman, SCC; Co-Chair, International Dispute Resolution Group at Debevoise & Plimpton公司

斯蒂芬·米. 施韦贝尔, independent arbitrator, former 总统, International Court of Justice

Gretta沃尔特斯, 联系 Chaffetz Lindsey LLP, former legal counsel, SCC



Ulf因特网, former Chairman, SCC, former Secretary General, SCC

约翰Gernandt, Consultant, Vinge; former Chairman, SCC

Lars Gothlin former legal counsel, SCC; former General Counsel, Bofors AB and Nobel Industries

教授. Kaj滚刀主席,鳞状细胞癌

尼娜Lagergren, wife of Gunnar Lagergren (1912-2008)


ABOUT: Martin Borgs, Director of Quiet Triumph

自从他首次亮相 1200年miljarder (1200 Billions), Martin has produced eight documentaries. 在那些 Overdose—The Next Financial Crisis, an award-winning documentary that has been broadcasted in over 50 countries and attracted more than 3.5 million views on YouTube.

His latest production Någon annan betalar (Somebody Else Pays) broke the 瑞典 record for crowdfunding of a movie, and instantly became a YouTube-hit. 

Martin serves as a member of the board of the The 瑞典 Arts Council 自2011年以来.